Frequently Asked Questions

What Is GanderCoin?

GanderCoin is a modernistic peer-to-peer-based electronic cash. It launched in the market as India's first and foremost digital coin.

The goal of GanderCoin is to introduce an entirely new form of payment to the cryptocurrency industry. It is supported by Scrypt encryption. Online payments may be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution because of its DeFi (Decentralized Finance) function, which substitutes the centralized hierarchies in the transaction process.

Is GanderCoin a safe investment?

GanderCoin is a native digital coin of India, developed on Scrypt Algorithms for a secured, transparent and efficient electronic money transmission system.

The financial infrastructure of GanderCoin is being desperately created and its institutional- grade custodial services are more accessible to investors.

How much of a gas fee do I have to pay for GanderCoin?

The gas fee for GanderCoin is 0.001 GAND with a minimal transaction of 0.1 GAND.

What is the total supply of GanderCoins?

The total supply of GanderCoins is 22,00,00,000, of which 10,00,00,000 GanderCoins are premined.

What is the technology behind GanderCoin?

GanderCoin is an open-source, peer-to-peer digital currency. Gandercoin is mined on Scrypt Algorithm, PoW, DeFi, and Blockchain Technology to be rapid, more efficient, and well organized.

What happens if I get a GanderCoin when my computer is off?

Even if your computer is off, GanderCoin will be credited into your wallet and you can see your credited GAND coins when you operate your system.

Is GanderCoin secure?

GanderCoin is developed with the safest hash function called Scrypt Algorithm for a higher level of security. This password-based function helps crypto data remain safe, secured, and locked for others.

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