Frequently Asked Questions

What Is GanderCoin?

GanderCoin is a cryptocurrency which launched in the market as India's first crypto coin. Besides that, it has come up with a platform where users can buy GanderCoins and stake them to earn rewards. It offers various income streams, including staking income, referral income, network income, network staking income, and Royalty reward.

How can I buy GanderCoin?

You can purchase GanderCoins on the platform with a minimum investment of 20 USDT. There is also an early user discount of 30% available for the initial 15 lakh coins during the first 5 days after launch.

What is staking income, and how does it work?

Staking income allows you to earn rewards on your GanderCoin investment. The reward percentage varies based on your investment amount, with three different categories offering different percentages.

How can I earn referral income?

You can earn referral income by introducing the GanderCoin ecosystem to your friends and family. If they join and invest a minimum of 20 USDT through your referral, you will receive 0.5 GanderCoin as referral income.

What is network income, and how does it work?

Network income is earned by building a team of referrals. You can earn a 3% reward on the total investment of your Level 1 referral when 5 members of your network successfully invest.

What is network staking income?

Network staking income is earned when members of your downline complete certain levels in the ecosystem. You receive a percentage of your staking income, which varies at each level.

How do Royalty Rewards work?

Royalty Rewards are earned by holding a certain number of GanderCoins in your wallet. Each level of Royalty corresponds to a specific number of GanderCoins and rewards. After claiming a reward, your count starts at zero for the next reward level.

Can you provide examples of Royalty Rewards and the corresponding number of GanderCoins required?

Sure, here are some examples: - Bronze: 2,500 GanderCoins - Reward: Smartphone - Ruby: 62,500 GanderCoins - Reward: Apache Bike - Gold: 1,562,500 GanderCoins - Reward: Fortuner Car - Diamond: 39,062,500 GanderCoins - Reward: Luxury Villa & BMW Car

How does the "Play & Earn" section work?

In the "Play & Earn" section, users can participate in a game that involves predicting market movements based on chart analysis. Correct predictions can double your investment, but incorrect predictions can lead to losses.

Can I stake GanderCoins for a specific duration, and what is the staking reward rate?

Yes, you can stake GanderCoins for a period of time. The staking reward rate is 0.25% per day on your investment.