A peer-to-peer open source digital currency for the coming web

India’s First Cryptocoin, GanderCoin, is designed to revolutionize the crypto payment industry. It is a modernistic peer-to-peer-based digital currency.

GanderCoin is developed with the safest hash function, called the Scrypt Algorithm, for a higher level of security. This password-based function helps cryptographic data remain safe, secure, and locked for others.

It uses an append-only data structure, which means new transactions and data can be added but not deleted. This operation creates a permanent record of data and transactions between parties.

In order to move to the next block, miners validate and accept transactions on the network.

Build With The Best Technology

The GanderCoin ecosystem is secured by a Scrypt algorithm for energy efficiency and security. The programmers have intended to design the Gander Cryptography Coin and the Gander Blocks ecosystem. We have utilized the programming language of C++ using the C++ Editor and the algorithm of Scrypt to generate the GanderCoin Hash Function.

Transaction costs on Scrypt currencies' blockchains are typically cheaper than those on other coins' blockchains. It is four times faster to mine Scrypt than to mine Bitcoin.

Chains For Faster Transaction

GanderCoin, a network that can handle multi transactions per second, enables immediate micropayments by enabling extraordinarily low transaction and settlement fees on the blockchain.

Groundbreaking Technology

With the rise of ASIC mining platforms, GanderCoin aims to counteract the concentration of cryptocurrency mining.

A Better Secure Model

GanderCoin uses secure cryptography by using validators to make transactions generally irreversible. Distributed networks all over the world keep track of all the transactions in the ecosystem. The lack of permission feature keeps GanderCoin fairly and securely open for everyone.

Lightning Speed

GanderCoin has the capability to store data with high speed and verify cryptocurrency transactions swiftly due to its Scrypt algorithm mining process.

It can process large numbers of transactions instantly and mine network blocks immediately. It is extensively used to validate currency conversions quickly worldwide.

Peer-to-Peer Transaction

The GanderCoin network protocol allows peers to maintain a peer-to-peer network for block and transaction exchange collaboratively.

The P2P network is the key component of GanderCoin, which enables direct digital currency exchange.

Each of its nodes has permission to conduct cryptocurrency transactions everywhere.

Transparency Is Our First Motto

Despite the technology being very private, the blockchain network delivers unparalleled transparency in the form of its completely auditable and accurate record of transactions. All website transactions are irrevocable, meaning that after the network has authenticated the data, it cannot be altered, modified, or deleted.