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GanderCoin(GAND) is a cryptocurrency, launched in the market as First indian crypto coin. GanderCoin (GAND) is the flagbearer of having a economic decentralised peer-to-peer network which excludes Central authority for financial transactions which makes it the safest, quickest and easiest online method available in society. The goal of GanderCoin as india's first crypto coin, is to introduce a completely new form of payment to the cryptocurrency industry.

GanderCoin like other cryptocurrencies is based on Blockchain technology, the crypto coin uses Scrypt cryptography, Proof of work as its consensus of mechanism.

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Gandercoin serves three distinct purposes:
Governance over the Network, Bonding and Staking.

Total Supply

10,00,00,000 (Cr)

Coin Type

Scrypt Blockchain

Coin Price

30 INR

Number of Coins for sale

10,00,00,000 (Cr)

Coin exchange rate

30 INR

Minimal transaction

0.1 GAND

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