What is GanderCoin: Everything You Need To Know

The unpredictable pandemic, COVID-19 has shaken the whole world and everything has come to a pause for a while. There were millions of companies shut down and people lost their jobs. During this unfortunate disaster around the globe, people started looking for alternatives. And no doubt cryptocurrency was a blessing. People started investing in cryptocurrency and made maximum profits out of it. 

Some big Wall Street giants like Blackrock, Grayscale, and Tesla have shown their interest during that time and made investments in the space. Many new projects under the name of cryptocurrency were introduced in the market and have built a good name. One of them is India’s first digital currency GanderCoin. If you are wondering what GanderCoin is, then this blog is for you. Let’s get to it. 

Key Takeaways

  • GanderCoin is India’s first cryptocurrency developed on the pattern of Scrypt cryptography.

  • GanderCoin is one such platform that gives you a high sense of security with the technology it was developed and reflects complete transparency for its users.

  • GanderCoin has user-centric features like low processing fees, speed and peer-to-peer transactions.


People are gradually understanding the concept of crypto trading and have started investing in it. It is natural that for new beginners, there is a lot to take in at once. So, this blog will be helpful to beginners as well as experienced traders to learn about trading. They will get to know about  GanderCoin which is one best choice to start trading with as it has high security, and safety, offers additional income, and is a user-centric platform.

There are numerous cryptocurrencies in the market, and choosing one that fulfils all traders' expectations is a bit difficult. Research is a big essential for starting anything new and so in the case of Cryptocurrency, proper research about the market, platform details, price, and everything is necessary to know. In this blog, we will be talking about one such profitable cryptocurrency, GanderCoin.

What is GanderCoin?

GanderCoin is India’s first cryptocurrency developed on the pattern of Scrypt cryptography. The ticker symbol through which it has been represented is GAND. Its existence came into the market to redefine the structure of traditional payment methods that one can enable directly between two parties, commonly known as peer-to-peer transactions. 

Security was one of the top priorities with which it was designed, as all the transactions made in it are end-to-end encrypted. It means that all the payments happening between buyers and sellers are locked, and they can only be seen by the respective parties. No third party can intervene to access it.

Characteristics of Gandercoin

Peer-to-peer transactions

In simple language, it means a transaction between two people without the involvement of a third party. Like if one person is handing over a note to another party that is completely owned by them and no superior authority is regulating them. In cryptocurrency, there is no involvement of banks or the government. 

Parties can directly make transactions between them as it is a decentralized way of communication. One thing that can cross your mind is without the involvement of the government, how can transactions of money happen? To understand this, one needs to know that cryptocurrency runs on blockchain technology, which is connected through nodes, making it possible to create cryptographic transactions anywhere. So in cryptocurrency, the P2P network allows the same.


Everything is running fast around us. In today’s world, everyone wants their work to be done in fractions of seconds. People don’t want to follow a long process and want to jump in directly to the end. So, the platform of cryptocurrency somewhere meets these needs of people. 

It runs fast and makes trading happen in fractions of minutes. Likewise, GanderCoin also assures the same as it allows seamless coin transfers. It is capable of managing the speed of transactions and helps in completing them in a matter of minutes. On top of that, one major advantage of speed is low transaction fees.

Low processing fees

The transactions in GanderCoin can be settled at a very low transaction fee. It offers many advantages, like airdrops, prize-winning opportunities, low cost, and many other advantages. Anyone who wants a speedy transaction process can be settled by GanderCoin which charges a minimal amount of processing fees which is a plus point for any investor. 

Scrypt Cryptography

A lot is happening around the globe, and somewhere everyone wants a sense of security, wherever they are invested. When it comes to the involvement of money and business, cryptocurrency offers security, and a platform like GanderCoin assures strong safety and security for its users. 

The platform is developed on the safest hash function, which is known as the Scrypt Algorithm. In technical terms, it is a cryptographic algorithm, which is mainly an encryption method that is used in cryptocurrency mining.


The gem value provided by Gandercoin is very precise for its users. They will have ample opportunities to grab the advantages of high potential, which they will be receiving as their returns. It is widely accepted worldwide.


We want things our way, especially where our money is involved. Same with cryptocurrency, as people invest their money in it expecting higher returns while covering aspects of security and safety. GanderCoin is one such platform that justifies the investment of users. Firstly, the platform is predictable compared to others and is a reliable cryptocurrency. 

The reasons which support its reliability are that first it is very easy to use, it is not complicated and users can very easily use it and secure it. It is based on blockchain technology, and data and transactions are very smoothly stored. 

Why should you invest in GanderCoin?

GanderCoin is one such platform that gives you a high sense of security with the technology it was developed and reflects complete transparency for its users. Not only this, the low transaction fee is a boost for investors as you need to invest a little for higher returns and rewards.

The other advantages of staking, referral income, network staking income, and royalty income are the sources of additional income.

Referral Income

By recommending others, Investors who grow their team also generate revenue through the network. The ecosystem is divided into levels. If a person is lucky enough to recommend five other members, they will advance to level one and receive 3% of the five members' total investment. Every level has a reward percentage, and they are all different.

Staking Income 

Any user making investments more than 20 USDT to 8235.29 USDT will receive a 0.3% investment as their staking income under the categorisation criteria. If a user invests more than 8235.29 USDT to 17647 USDT, they will receive 0.4% of their investment as staking income. If users invest more than 17647 USDT, they will receive 0.5% of their investment in the third category.

How to Buy/Sell & Trade through CoinCRED

Step #1: Register for a CoinCred App Account:

  • Download CoinCRED application from the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Verify your identity.

  • Deposit funds and start crypto trading.


Despite many rejections, it is undeniable that cryptocurrency is essential for any economy. There have been many instances that reflect that digital currency is the future currency. It will be beneficial in many ways as after the government accepts it then there will be no illegal activities and digital currency will run in uniform space. 

People who have invested and are willing to invest can have a surety of the safety and security of their investments for a long period with additional benefits and rewards. With the acceptance not only India as a country will grow but alongside many employment opportunities, people's trust, safety, and new pathways for business will grow in many ways that will eventually help to boost its economy. It is very much clear that cryptocurrency is making a strong future in the coming time.

Written by: Suhani Jain