About Us

GanderCoin is a futuristic peer-to-peer-based digital currency, launched in the market as India's first and foremost digital coin, designed to re-structured traditional payment methods. Our vision is to replace the centralized hierarchies in the transaction process, which means online payments can be transmitted directly from peer to peer without passing through any centralized body. GanderCoin is designed on Scrypt cryptography.

The network timestamps and transactions are processed by hashing them into a continuing chain of hash-based proof-of-work, establishing an irreversible record.

Nurturing Decentralization

GanderCoin network is connected through dispersed ‘nodes’ that verify the legitimacy of a new block, before connecting it to the chain. GanderCoin Ecosystem is a far more secure network than centralized system. A person would need to hack every node and tamper with every block of the blockchain, which is impossible, in order to alter the blockchain. It is distributed in a structural decentralized network so that nobody can interlope with the transactions.

Most Secured Network

In the GanderCoin cryptographic chain, each new block is connected to all the blocks that came before it in a way that makes tampering with it almost difficult. A consensus mechanism verifies and accepts each transaction included inside the blocks, guaranteeing that each transaction is accurate and truthful.

GanderCoin provides blockchain security to reduce the risks of fraud and cyberattacks, assurance services, cybersecurity frameworks, and best practices are incorporated. The GanderCoin runtime environment is being coded in C++ using C++ Editor and the Algorithm of Scrypt to generate the GanderCoin Hash Function making GanderCoin accessible to a wide range of developers.

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