GanderCoin: The First Indian crypto coin

GanderCoin was introduced to the market as India's first crypto coin.The peer-to-peer electronic money which aims to restructure conventional payment systems.

It allows online payments to be sent directly from peer to peer without going through a centralised body, GanderCoin as Indian crypto coin plans to replace the centralised hierarchies now used in the transaction process.GanderCoin is designed using Scrypt cryptography.

GanderCoin, the first cryptocurrency issued in India, was the industry's first project to be led by women. The founders of GanderCoin, Shaik Ayesha and Subi Ansari, have shown the largely male-dominated cryptocurrency industry that women can play important roles in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, GanderCoin is built on the Blockchain technology and uses Scrypt cryptography and Proof of Work as its consensus method.

Features of GanderCoin

GanderCoin has the following features which makes it popular.

Peer-to- Peer Transaction

Peer-to-peer networks are one of the key foundations in the cryptocurrency sector and are the foundation upon which GanderCoin is built. A peer-to-peer network is built on the idea of decentralised communication, allowing users to conduct transactions with one another without the necessity of a central server. Every node on the P2P network has the ability to conduct cryptocurrency transactions anywhere.

Scrypt Cryptography

The safest hash algorithm, known as the Scrypt Algorithm, is used in the development of GanderCoin to provide a higher level of security. Scrypt Algorithm is a type of cryptographic algorithm that is used in cryptocurrency mining as an encryption technique. This password-based feature aids in the protection of cryptographic data from hackers, cyberattackers, and specialist miners.

Low Processing Fees

The GanderCoin users can complete their trades and transactions instantly for a very cheap transaction/gas fee. It also gives its users a variety of promotions and advantages, including airdrops, contests with prizes, low transaction fees, and other gem values.Due to its mining using secure scratches and hashes based on scrypt cryptography, it has a great potential for rewards.

Mighty Security

You are invited to trade in a trustworthy and highly predictable cryptocurrency using GanderCoin. All the data and transaction details may be readily saved, highly secured, and end-to-end encrypted in each block because it is based on blockchain technology. The data is encrypted and the central server is eliminated via the DeFi function. So, no banks or other financial organisations are involved in GanderCoin transactions.

Indian crypto coin (GanderCoin) listing exchanges

Initially the GanderCoin was listed on some crypto exchanges like CoinCRED, COINLORD, and iNDOEX. These exchanges are the launch partners of GanderCoin. Recently it has been listed on the Lbank crypto exchange. Crypto enthusiasts can easily buy-sell GanderCoin( GAND) on these crypto exchanges.

GanderCoin(Indian crypto coin) will soon be available on other different crypto exchanges as the listing of the coin is under process.

Utility of GanderCoin

The value of any cryptocoin fluctuates on the basis of their usability, circulation and utility. To increase the usability and utility of these cryptocoins different projects are being associated with these coins.

Numerous online games utilise cryptocurrencies as the in-game money. The game's cryptocurrency can be used by players to buy characters and weapons Like any other crypto coin GanderCoin as India's first crypto coin is also planning to increase their utility by making it as payment method on different e-commerce sites. Whenever a project is associated with the coin the price fluctuates as per the performance of the project.

The circulation of the coin in the market plays a vital role in deciding the price of the coin so for that purpose GanderCoin is planning to collaborate with different projects.

Future and scope of the GanderCoin

As per the data GanderCoin has performed well in the previous time. Now if we talk about different projects which are based on GanderCoin, the price may rise in the coming time when the projects start working properly.


Scrypt Algorithm is the foundation of GanderCoin, ensuring a secure, safe, and resource-conserving ecosystem. The Gander blocks ecosystem and Gander Cryptography Coin were the intentions of our coders. The GanderCoin Hash Function was created using the C++ programming language, the C++ Editor, and the Scrypt algorithm.

Blockchains for Scrypt currencies often have lower transaction fees than those of other coins. Scrypt mining is four times faster than Bitcoin mining.

So having all above key features GanderCoin is a full packed Indian crypto coin that may be a good investment alternative for crypto enthusiasts. Just go and start your investment journey with GanderCoin to make yourself financially independent.

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